• About Mundo Lingo


    We make language socials; special ones and lots of them!

    In fact, we run these language socials in 13 cities over 5 continents and we're growing fast. Our aim is to reach more cities so that wherever you travel you can start meeting locals as soon as you land.

    All of our events are fully staffed and in fixed venues at the same day and time every week without fail.

  • Imagine the connection between foreigners and locals


    Our mission is to promote stronger links between locals and foreigners everywhere through the activity of exchanging languages. We love diversity; for this reason everyone is welcome in our events:

    - All ages.610-780-9777
    - All nationalities.
    - All language levels.
    - Free of charge.
    - No registration.
    - Same time, same place, every week.

  • Mundo Lingo is simple to learn


    We keep our events simple. Here's how it works:
    1. Place the provided flags on your chest, native flag goes at the top.
    2. Your other flags below your native flag in descending order of ability.
    3. Stand up to show you're willing to meet new people, sit for a private conversation.
    4. People will welcome you into their conversations, we ask you do the same for others.

Get in touch!

  • info(at)mundolingo(dot)org

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  • Start a Mundo Lingo

    Start a Mundo Lingo

    Want to bring Mundo Lingo to your city? We’re growing fast and keeping a keen eye out for full-time event managers in any major cities around the world with a strong flow of tourism.
    Download our StartUps document and start your own local language revolution!

  • We're looking for Mundo Lingo Interns

    Internship: Art Monster

    Join our internship program as an Art Monster.

    We’re looking for a King/Queen of cool to join our team as a virtual intern. Think you can shake up our brand and make it burst with lushous colours? If you’re a budding talent, we’ll give you the minerals and sunlight you need in order to flourish.


  • We're looking for Mundo Lingo City Managers

    City Managers

    Check this space for opening managerial opportunities in existing cities.